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Celebrating 12 years of being the preferred cyber security advisory partner to clients across Canada and the USA.

Iron Spear was founded by Jason Grimbeek in 2012 with the goal of  providing practical cyber security services with a focus on business risk and not based on textbook recommendations. Based on Jason’s founding idea we have built a dynamic team of cyber security experts who are moving and shaking the cyber security world.


We believe in a partnership approach with our clients. Iron Spear is committed to the long-term relationship with our clients to support their ongoing cyber needs and does not nickel and dime on every project.


Iron Spear was founded in 2012 as a niche cyber security advisory firm committed to providing solutions to meet the needs of our clients whether they are looking for security compliance, control testing, or program development and operation.


One of our beliefs is, if we would not be able to implement it, we will not recommend it. We do not believe in textbook recommendations. Rather, we want to see our clients achieve closure.


We are Canadian owned and operated with offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Regina and Winnipeg, offering services across North America.


Our team have backgrounds in the Big 4 Accounting Firms, oil and gas, industrial control systems, insurance, tech, and banking. We bring the trusted methods, approaches, and standards of quality that are expected by our clients.


Iron Spear will not attempt to upsell when we are engaged, and Iron Spear is not contracted to security technology vendors. Rather, we believe in working with our clients to determine the requirements that meet their needs and then identifying best-of-breed products that match the requirements.

What’s in a Name?

IRON: Natural element that is strong, used in making steel, and exists in very small amounts in blood.

SPEAR: A versatile and effective tool for offense and defense.

Security is in our blood.

iron spear cyber security

Our Philosophy


Deliver outstanding advisory and operational cyber security services using a partnership approach that provides fresh perspectives, unbiased advice, and practical solutions.


To become the go-to Canadian cyber security advisory firm, trusted by organizations to be their partner in establishing robust cyber security programs.


People First – Our people are Iron Spear.

Being PragmaticOur advice is sensible and realistic.

Agility – We are flexible and adapt to fast-changing business needs.

Giving Back

At Iron Spear, we feel strongly about giving back to the communities where we do business. Currently, we are involved in our communities in the following ways.


We incorporate volunteer activities with our company strategy meetings and encourage our offices to volunteer as teams once a quarter.

Cyber Security Team Volunteering
Iron Spear Gives Back
Iron Spear Business Security
Cyber Security Professionals


Iron Spear believes in developing future talent in IT and with this in mind, we have partnered with three different Canadian colleges to create bursaries for students who need assistance with their tuition.


“Your approach is unique and gives us flexibility.”

– CIO, Crown Corporation

“First time someone was actually able to tell me how we are doing and what I need to be concerned about.”

– Shipping Company CEO

“…your contribution to this audit was invaluable…”

– Senior Government Auditor

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