Access InSite

Our Philosophy 

Iron Spear’s Access InSite rapid assessment service is a technology agnostic service that quickly provides organizations with a consolidated view of all identities and their access to critical IT resources right to down to the finest application authorization level. This allows the business to understand exactly “who has access to what” which serves as the foundational element of any security-in-depth strategy. 

Reduce Security Risk

With Iron Spear’s Access InSite, we produce the following deliverables: 

  • Orphan accounts (users who have left the employment of the company). 

  • Access at group membership level for all employees, contractors, partners and customers. 

  • Top 20 users with the most access permissions. 

  • Average number of access rights based on job title or department. 

  • Access rights without any users assigned to them. 

  • Users with access to Administrator privileges. 

  • Access rights and their descriptions sorted by manager/supervisor (if the key data is available). 

Key benefits to the organisation include: 

  • Ability to measure effectiveness of access management programs, as a once-off or as a regular monitoring control. 

  • Reduce security risk by identifying excessive, outdated or erroneous entitlements. 

  • Increase Compliance to Security Standards such as SOX, FOIPPA, PIPEDA and PCI-DSS. 

  • Reduced user administration & support cost. 

  • Improved audit compliance, through increased efficiency and user participation by streamlining user validation processes. 

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“Your approach is unique and gives us flexibility.”

– CIO, Crown Corporation

“First time someone was actually able to tell me how we are doing and what I need to be concerned about.”

– Shipping Company CEO

“…your contribution to this audit was invaluable…”

– Senior Government Auditor

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