Cyber Security Awareness Month

Staying One Step Ahead

Cyber security is a constant battle between cybercriminals developing new ways to bypass defences and exploit vulnerabilities and cyber professionals trying to build adequate defences. As hacking tools and attack strategies improve, cyber security professionals have no choice but to expand their knowledge and expertise to strengthen security controls.

A comprehensive Threat Intelligence Program can help organizations transition from a purely defensive cyber security program to one that includes offensive elements which can significantly strengthen the organization’s overall security posture. Cyber Threat Intelligence is an iterative process that provides insight into the latest attack methods and vulnerabilities that threaten your organization’s assets. Subject matter experts can analyze these current and evolving attack techniques to identify recommendations and mitigation guidelines tailored to your organization.

As October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, here are the top 3 must-have elements that a comprehensive threat intelligence program should contain to better understand and protect your organization’s infrastructure against cyber attacks:

1. Collect the Right Data

Data needs to be factual and verifiable; it must be helpful to your organization or your threat landscape. Most importantly, data needs to be actionable.

2. Intelligence Categorization

Intelligence data should be categorized based on the effort required to complete an action item. For example, intelligence around long-term cybersecurity strategies should be included at a strategic level, whereas intelligence around threat actor indicators should be included at an operational or technical level. 

3. Common but Evolving Cyber Threats

Identify threat patterns that currently pose a risk to your organization. While all companies are susceptible to cyber threats, some of these cyber threats are more likely to target your organization. Your program should have visibility into the changes to these common but evolving threats to have an effective proactive defence posture.

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