Why Choose Iron Spear?

Our Philosophy 

We do not believe one size fits all in cyber security, we advocate an incremental approach for all our customers. Instead of aiming for the platinum level of security, we would prefer to get the basics right and achieve bronze. Cyber threats and attacks are constantly evolving as are the IT requirements from business. With that in mind we adopt an agile approach to cyber security and are flexible enough to dynamically work with clients as their needs shift and priorities change.  


We bring extensive experience in information and operations security across many industries, with staff who are engineers and cyber security experts with backgrounds in the Big Four accounting firms, high tech, oil and gas, healthcare, and banking. We bring the trusted methods, approaches, and standards of quality that are expected by our clients – yet are flexible and responsive to your needs.


At Iron Spear, we are not contracted to any one security technology vendor. Rather, we believe in working with our clients to determine the requirements that meet their needs and then identifying best-of-breed products that match those requirements. While we do know the key vendors and their strengths and weaknesses, we will always bring options to the table and allow you the ultimate choice.   

We Want to See You Succeed 

We believe in a partnership approach with our clients no matter how small the job. We work with you to ensure what is done will work for the long term. We do not sell a product, we sell our reputation and trust our service will reflect a collaborative environment.  

Industry Know-how

We have provided cyber security advisory in many sectors of business, including: 

  • Government 
  • Financial institutes – banks, wealth management 
  • Transportation & logistics – metro rail & buses, airports, shipping container terminal facilities across North America 
  • Electric utilities – solar, wind, hydro and nuclear 
  • Mining – gold, copper, coal 
  • Manufacturing and energy – chemical & natural gas refineries, pipelines

Practical Recommendations and Actions 

One of our beliefs is if we cannot implement it, we will not recommend it. We do not believe in textbook recommendations, rather we want to see our clients achieve closure. We work with you to develop workable solutions to any vulnerabilities or risks identified. When developing strategies and roadmaps, we ensure what we deliver is achievable as we have seen too many roadmaps that are complex and out of proportion to realistic budgets.


“Your approach is unique and gives us flexibility.”

– CIO, Crown Corporation

“First time someone was actually able to tell me how we are doing and what I need to be concerned about.”

– Shipping Company CEO

“…your contribution to this audit was invaluable…”

– Senior Government Auditor

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